Is technotutor legit? Yes!

The following is a compilation of many TechnoTutor testimonials

TechnoTutor is a tool used by thousands around the world

At Future Learning Tools we showcase the best tools and TechnoTutor stands out by far from all of the others. Here are some stories from real users.

TechnoTutor Review from Mitchell Snyder

Originally I purchased TechnoTutor because I realized that I was wasting hours and hours of my life writing out my goals/affirmations that I wanted to instill in myself. Even after writing these goals/affirmations for years, none of them REALLY stuck. These intentions such as “I know how to make more money” were something I had to THINK about.. even after writing them and reciting them and literally using flash cards for them, I still didn’t believe it and KNOW it, so it wasn’t a part of me, so obviously I never actually created it in my life.

I was frustrated because I wanted to create my reality but I saw that I was just falling on my face and going in circles and I was near broke, year after year. I just couldn’t break through… even after going through countless trainings, seminars and getting coaching/mentoring from the top people/groups I could find.

Once I met Kian and he showed me how I could use TechnoTutor to write out my goals, and then also re-program all of my beliefs and programming around why I didn’t believe I could achieve them, I was sold.

I knew that any investment in TT would easily pay itself off given a few months of applying the software through disciplined daily practice. 3 months later I have paid off my entire TT purchase and I am profiting more literally every day. Over the past 30 days alone I’ve made over $11,500 in profit. TT works. Period.

I’ve noticed countless benefits from using TT.

The biggest benefits include my confidence in knowing I can figure out anything that happens in my life, literally anything. This is invaluable as a business owner. I will obviously need to use TT and work with Kian who is the one who sold me TT, but I know that no matter what comes up, I can work through the points within myself, understand the problem, understand the solution, and make the real physical change in the world.

Next, my use of TT has brought me emotional stability. I notice I do not react emotionally nearly as much as I used to. Plus when I do, now I am aware of it and I know exactly how to shift that so it doesn’t happen again. In the past I would get frustrated with other people and say “why do you not understand what I’m saying? It’s obvious!” but now I realize that the words and phrasing I use is not as clear as I once thought it was. I also realize that the other person is usually defining words differently that I am. Now my communication with others flows nearly effortlessly, and I am emotionally stable for the first time in my life (and I THOUGHT I was very emotionally stable and intelligent, I would even be complemented by others for how emotionally intelligent they perceived me to be.)

Aside from making more money, having knowingness and certainty that I can overcome any problem in my life, and having better communication and emotional stability, I have noticed that I have more inner peace and less mental chatter than ever. This inner peace/calmness has saved me SO much energy and attention and cognitive power that used to just be wasted on pointless/ineffective thinking. Now I just process what is in front of me, I see how I can use it and learn from it, then direct myself and my efforts toward what I desire to create.

TT has cut years off of my learning curve and has saved me a lot of wasted energy, and I am only 4 months in… I notice the cumulative effect building and that is a priceless feeling, because I get a sense of how much more effective I will become in the coming months, in 1 year, or 5 years from now.

Who I am now because of TT is far beyond what I could have ever done had I not had this tool and the support from the TT family.

Thank you to Kian, Asif, Cameron, Avery and the entire TT family for showing me this breakthrough technology, and how I can simply, easily and effectively apply it into my life immediately from day 1 and on a daily basis throughout my entire


I am already many, many times richer (literally), happier and more impactful because of it. I will never be the same.

— Best,

Mitch Snyder

Here is another review from Sandra Donfack

Is technotutor legit? Yes!
TechnoTutor Review and testimonial

In December, Viany, my brother, shared with me a group called Self-Perfected, after I told him that we should change the way things are going in Cameroon and Africa. He told me this: there is actually a group dedicated to eradicating poverty in the world and since you have chosen to eradicate poverty in Cameroon and Africa as your goal, that means that this group has the same goal as you and even bigger. I thought it sounded cool and I joined the group in January but I didn’t start being active until February. One night my brother called me and told me this: I’ve become a distributor of something and you’re going to be my first customer and I just said

OK. Then he started to explain to me that there is a tool that can program your unconscious mind effectively instead of making affirmations

The part that caught my attention the most was when he started talking about parenting and how parents can have very educated children when they use TechnoTutor and that it is even possible to not send your children to school and have a really effective human being. After that, he sent me some videos from Cameron’s YouTube channel and guess what? I was blown away, I was like I want this kid, I’m going to adopt him lol, that is

I want the same thing, when I become a parent. I was convinced and then Viany talked to me about becoming a distributor myself and showed me the numbers but at one point I said you know what, I don’t want to do this, just give me my software and I’ll use it without getting attached to anything. I really said that because at that time I already had a so-called plan for my life in my head and being a TechnoTutor distributor was not one of those things I had planned for myself.

When I received my TechnoTutor in March 2021, I wondered what this bluish screen was that was supposed to change my life and make me a good parent. Oh by the way, the other thing that convinced me was that Viany told me that there was a group of parents who use Techno Tutor to educate their children. This reassured me that I could learn from real parents and not from gurus, parents who really applied and with whom I could directly exchange.

Back to the story, so when I saw that greenish blue screen with “focus here” and “press enter”, I wondered what Viany could have sold me, but since he’s my brother, I trusted him, I figured he couldn’t sell me shit. So I figured I would just use it. The testimonial, the self-perfected global hangout, and the podcast just reinforced that “just do it” idea in me. At that time, I had my bachelor’s thesis to write, but I had so much resistance to doing it because I knew that school, university was a scam, but since my visa was tied to my studies here in Germany, I couldn’t just give up and do anything. So if I wanted to stay in Germany, I had to do it. Apart from the basic lists of TechnoTutor, this was the first goal I set myself to achieve using TechnoTutor, 5 months later I defended my thesis and got the best possible grade. Did I mention that the topic of my thesis was submitted to me in March 2020? So for a year, I was just procrastinating and during that time I may have written just one line of the introduction to my thesis. So in less than 6 months, I was able to do something that I couldn’t even start in a year. Right after I “realized” how I was able to express myself so well in English thanks to TechnoTutorand for the record I “learned” English all my life but I could not have a proper conversation with anyone. I took two

English classes in the past and got good and excellent grades, but I wasn’t learning anything, I was just memorizing things and was able to check off the right answer during exams lol. The fact is that I couldn’t even hold a conversation with someone for more than a minute.

One of the best benefits I have received from TechnoTutor and this community is the relationship I now have with my brother. We used to call each other brother and sister, nothing more, but now he is my best friend and it is so cool to have a brother to share and live the 13 principles of Desteni with. The confidence and stability I have in myself amazes me in that some of my clients are 45 years old and I am stable enough to support them which means challenging them and very often saying very uncomfortable things. Because of that they have amazing results in their lives and their children as well. It was so easy for me, as a distributor, to say that I’m here to do what’s right for everyone and that’s the goal I’ve chosen for myself, but I asked myself what does that mean? Until I have practical things to do that measure what I say I’m doing, I’m not doing anything.

After breaking it down for myself, I realize that doing what’s best for everyone means I have to be a billionaire by selling TechnoTutor. So my short-term goal is to form a relationship with someone who also wants to become a billionaire while selling TechnoTutor to the world. Preparing myself to become a mother who will be able to educate her children in perfection, being more emotionally stable, correcting my wall of understanding, being more present and less in my mind are part of my daily process. This sums up my short and long term goals.

– Sandra Germany

Hear from Ryan Crandall another individual who has used TechnoTutor for over 3 years

1 year update TechnoTutor Results

2 year update TechnoTutor Testimonial

From Natalya Joly-Dagenais

And this is why you need TechnoTutor.
EVERYTHING he said you need to flourish and thrive in this futur AI era (in less than 10 years), are the direct results of using TechnoTutor:
-The ability to keep changing
-The need to re-train for new jobs to support you during this transition
-Build a brain for constant rapid change to reinvent yourself all the time
-Rebuild your entire mind
-Change is always stressful, so be more psychologically stable
These are all by products of using TechnoTutor daily.
And no, you DO NOT learn this at school.


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